About Erin

Ever since Erin was a little girl she has had a passion for food, energetic living, and helping people. One of her first big endeavors was a “Dear Erin’ column in the school newspaper in the 3rd grade. Over the last 20 years while living in 4 different countries Erin has been on a journey of discovery about the roots of physical & emotional health discovering the power of plants, essential oils, & natural healing remedies. She now helps those who want to live better, more healthy and vibrant lives through her health coaching practice, Erin Vanderkooy Wellness.

Erin co-owns Portland’s only living reef cocktail lounge, Moloko, on North Mississippi with her husband who curates & tends his own living aquatic art museum. Moloko is known for it’s heady atmosphere, craft cocktails, & healthy, indulgent snacks. They have also built a not-for-profit that feeds 400+ people each year delivering uncooked holiday meals to the doors of families in need.

Erin founded POWER (Portland Oregon Women Entrepreneur Roundtable), a monthly meet up group, in 2018 creating an incredible community of like-minded business owners and creatives who help inspire, motivate and lift each other up.


About Rachel

Rachel O'Rourke is the owner of O'Rourke Media - a marketing agency for innovative E-commerce based start-up companies. She's also the CEO/Founder of SPARK Global - an event company that facilitates self-development summits dedicated to supporting women who are ready to show up in the world.

In her upcoming book - "27 Things", Rachel shares the twenty-seven things that are holding women back from making their lives extraordinary, and the action steps to take to spark a major shift in each area. Rachelorourke.com TheSparkEvents.com