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POWER - Insight Circle September

SEPTEMBER Insight Circle Topic


It is important to note that we look at all forms of loss included but not limited to the loss of a loved one, loss of a pet, divorce, estrangement from family, illness, the state of the world we live in… we all know the list goes on.

In-House 'expert', Sarah Shaoul, from the Grief Gratitude and Greatness podcast is skilled at helping people focus on human engagement and storytelling to help businesses and the people who run them create a positive culture, leading to purposeful and profitable outcomes professionally and personally.

A POWER Event for Women Entrepreneurs to Seek Guidance and Share Knowledge with One Another

As I’ve watched POWER grow each month I’ve witnessed the incredible power of collaboration and how this group seems to fancy spending more time together.

This inspired me to create POWER Insight Circle.

Imagine having a group of women that you respect greatly come together to discuss questions about current challenges. Then imagine those amazing women sharing their knowledge and advice!

This monthly meet up is designed to provide

- A 30-minute relaxed flow to network in the unique and heart-centered way true to the POWER monthly meet ups

- A room full of Portland women thinkers, doers, and creators to bounce ideas off of

- An opportunity to learn what other people struggle with generally and in their business (there is huge learning potential from other people's current challenges)

**We are a heart centered empowerment group that gathers to lift each other up and support each other on our endeavors with networking through intuition and love.

~ Erin xo

** There are no refunds however if you find you cannot attend for any reason please email at least 24 hours beforehand and we will transfer your ticket to a future event.

**Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome. I use an inclusive definition of “woman” and welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who identify as women in a way that’s significant to them.

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