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Inner Child Workshop

Learn how to heal your inner child and create amazing, fulfilling relationships!

Join us for deep sharing, coloring, stories, and connection activities.

Bring your favorite stuffed animal for snuggling. Party favors will be provided!

Julia will also speak about how she successfully recovered from severe childhood abuse, and how she has successfully created beautiful, loving relationships in her adult life which provide the exact opposite experience to what her own inner child lived through.

Julia Phoenix Eleven is a Relationship Coach and Transformational Healer. She holds a Masters in Human Development, and has a long history of working with children as an early childhood educator.

These days, Julia utilizes her expertise to assist adults around the world in recovering from childhood trauma, reclaiming their authentic selves, and calling in the relationships they have always needed and deserved!

$10 at the door, or purchase through (tickets not yet available for purchase).

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