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September Temple 2019

** This is a private event.

We want to welcome you into


In each circle we are exploring a sacred and real way of gathering together.
Here we tap into the space of no-mind presence through connecting with our own bodies and each other, a truly nourishing space to melt into for the feminine heart.
Together we are creating an oasis where we can let go into the flow happening deeper than our personal stories… honoring each other as Divinity in form.

Come fill your cup and integrate.

☆ Please bring a blanket or two and a pillow.
☆ This location doesn't provide any props.

Options for feeling prepared:
Layers for movement and warmth for stillness.
Water bottle.
A blanket and pillow for comfort and sitting on the floor.

We wish you laughter in your days, joy in your hearts and love in everything that you do.

Thank you so much ❤ Kea

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