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Spot and Stop Deception. The Power Of Micro-expressions.

You are lied to between 10 - 200 times a day. (How's that working for ya!) Wouldn't it be amazing if you could be a lie detection GURU!

About this Event


Imagine actually having a super power. In approximately 60 minutes, I am going to teach YOU how to SPOT and STOP deception in its tracks.You will learn the power of reading and understanding micro-expressions (yes, like the FBI, CIA and ATF use to detect lies!). 

  • You will build healthier and stronger relationships, reducing the amount of energy you spend repairing them.

  • You will become more confident in your decision making, decreasing the amount of time you spend worrying and second-guessing yourself.

  • You will become savvier and more knowledgeable – saving you time, energy and money!

  • You will learn some simple communication skills to help you get to what we all want - THE TRUTH.

I guarantee you will go away from this workshop and talk about it. You will think differently about the way you communicate, interact, and engage with others! This a fun and interactive thinking workshop – not loaded with a bunch of boring b.s. bullet points. This is my pet project to encourage people to speak up and get to the nitty gritty details behind uncovering the truth. 

From 5:45 PM – 6:05 PM: Please feel free to network and visit while sipping on a glass of wine. Light appetizers will also be available. Both will be provided free of charge with a purchased event ticket. 

We will kick-off the presentation promptly and 6:05 so we are finished on time

In the spirit of giving back .... if you can donate a gently used set of twin /queen sheets, blankets or a towel or two, Cat Stack (POWER Community Member), will be accepting donations for The Community of Hope - located in North Portland.

Recent Testimonials:

Heidi Krause’s presentation was a strong demonstration of the influence this training can have in organizational leadership and managers of every level. HR departments could quickly have a dramatic impact improving their company teams with the tools Heidi’s teaches you. It is an innovative way to open dialogue around truth and establishing trust in relationships, specifically those in the work environment. You will leave not only looking at others with a finer lens, but yourself too – I know I did!

Heidi has a good connection with her audience and is very professional. She has excellent communication skills and was able to relay to us how important focus and attention to expression are in being able to read the subject to whom one is talking. After presenting some facts regarding truth, she demonstrated some tools to test our abilities of observation and I did miserably. (-: Statistics, (and others in the room), however assured me that I am not alone in this, and that with necessary coaching one could learn how to catch the clues through facial expressions that are so critical. I believe such a course would be useful in any social setting as a way to establish trust in any type of conflict resolution.

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