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Not Your Average Support Group - Herpes Support

Hey Everyone! Clarice here!

I have booked this private back room for us to begin meeting on a biweekly basis.

My intention is for those in Portland and those willing to travel here to have a safe space to emotionally, physically and verbally connect with others in our community to bring the healing available that comes with working through our Herpes experience.

This group is intended for EVERYONE! Whether you are new to the group working through the devastation or you’ve had it a while and are working on stressless disclosures and recreating your worth that isn’t attached to Herpes. All are welcomed and while you may not feel you “need” to go to a meeting others may benefit to hear your story and where you’re at in life with Herpes.

What I am looking to create is a place where we can share openly, be heard and understood, to be witness to the pain we are all bottling up and to strengthen connections we once only thought possible through intimacy with sexual partners.

I am always open to collaborations and setting topics each meeting so we can start to let go of some of the weight of holding this type of experience in.

The more we share and talk openly inside of our community the more we break the death grip of shame and stigma surrounding it.

The same H Group has been run for the last 20+ years and while old members may attend the intention is for this to be a new, fresh, approach to traditional support groups. Help us build our connection to each other and foster a safe community feel.

Donations are accepted as I have paid for the space out of pocket. Pay what you can and if you cannot please don't hesitate to come because of money.

Please contact me on to confirm your spot as space is limited. Hope to see you there!

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